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Dancer, herbalist and banker by training and a curious, creative and political human being.

The Power of the Word- Or what if Mrs von der Leyen was Minister of Peace?

What you can think, you can express. What you express is already in the world. In a recent prime time talk show on German public TV the topic fell on weapon exports. German minister of defence Ursula von der Leyen … Continue reading

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The Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT)

What I did… In October last year I started working at the Inter University Centre for Dance/Hochschulzentrum für Tanz Berlin (in short HZT) mainly in the BA program for dance, context, choreography. The welcome was warm, the tone personal, it … Continue reading

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Constructing Resilience with Ehud Darash

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From the 17th of November until the 2nd of december 2011 I joined the workshop ‚Constructing Resilience‘ facilitated by Israeli performance artist Ehud Darash. Ehud had come to teach this workshop after placing an action in the Arab spring in … Continue reading

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‘kannst du mich umdrehen’ on the 22.10.2011

This duet of Christina Ciupke and Nik Haffner – minimalist in its set-up- unveils the detail of their subject. The physical exploration of two human bodies that keep meeting in a certain way. Embracing facing towards and facing away. Clashing at … Continue reading

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Thorsten Hild’s Talk ‘Auf ein Lied…’

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On 25.10.2011 Liedermacher and journalist Thorsten Hild presented another talk of the series ‘Auf ein Lied…’ in the BöseBubenBar Berlin. In cosy candlelight atmosphere Hild discussed with his guest and former member of the German parliament Rolf Stöckel the past, … Continue reading

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Gob Squad’s ‘Kitchen’ on 20.10.2011

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On their 100. performance of ‘Kitchen’ at the Volksbühne theatre in Berlin Gob Squad performers led the audience to their seats along an unusual pathway. We entered the auditorium from just one of the many doors and had to cross … Continue reading

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Dance Communities

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 Every milieu has its specific code of conduct, its social habits. A dancer reveals a lot of herself while working and the mode of conversation amongst dancers seems regularly more open and personal than amongst bank employees, for instance. Getting … Continue reading

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History in Favour of Present

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There is a consensus for studying and preserving historical art and craftsmanship as part of our culture. What about the presence, though? What about the art work that deals with what moves society now? About finding new forms of composition … Continue reading

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Artists’ Reactions to the Funding Cuts in the Netherlands

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Positions with Joseph Beuys

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Contemporary dance and art attracts limited informed audiences- often artists, people from within ‘the scene’. A big part of western capitalist society seems unaffected by contemporary art. However, also small numbers of people can act as multiplicators within the society … Continue reading

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