The blog ‘gesellschaftstanz’ was created to research the political in contemporary art and consequently locate the positions of my art practice.

Following my deep personal interest as a contemporary dancer I developed a contextual enquiry project to support my choreography studies at the University College Falmouth incorporating Dartington College of Arts in England.

The contextual enquiry project ‘The Political in Art’ was started in the 3.45 million metropolis and capital of Germany and the newly founded Inter- University Centre for Dance, Berlin (in short HZT).

In order to get closer to what the political in contemporary art means for me I research and go into dialogue with street, gallery and performance art.  As work base and reference point I started off training at the HZT Berlin in october 2011 to support refining technique and artistic intention. Previous to this, the apprenticeship with Katie Duck and a period of research at the library of the arts forum Stroom/Den Haag as well as ongoing reflection have shaped my enquiry topic.

The name of this blog is derived from the german term for ballroom dancing. ‘Gesellschaftstanz’ in literal translation reads ‘society dance’ and hints at my interest in how contemporary art affects society and how my dance practice moves people.

I have an affinity to writing. So, I aim to not merely describe, but rather transform visual and sound perception into language and process and interpret the discourse I go through. In this context I would like to lead over to ‘THE POLITICAL’ with a citation sourced from the seminar ‘Production and Communication of Artistic Projects’ which was formulated by the Raqs Media Collective and says:

“…the work of art is not just about making art but also about making the conditions and initiating the networks of solidarity and sociality that enable the making of art.” (Raqs Media Collective 2009)

© Malin Gebken