‘kannst du mich umdrehen’ on the 22.10.2011

This duet of Christina Ciupke and Nik Haffner – minimalist in its set-up- unveils the detail of their subject. The physical exploration of two human bodies that keep meeting in a certain way. Embracing facing towards and facing away. Clashing at first. The negotiations that eventually lead into turning and letting oneself be turned happen inaudible and invisible almost. (Ciupke and Haffner 2011)

What is noticeable is the commitment to limitation of the idea and the working subject. (Ciupke and Haffner 2011)
As a dancer I feel I can retrace the physical communication of Christina and Nik after a while. The friends that do not dance professionally and came with me on this evening go through a process of becoming unnerved by the seemingly slow unfolding of subject and later becoming sensible to details of the body work. Where the one-hour concept first leaves them speechless the dedication of the performers still facilitates an enquiry into the piece of art. And it leads to discussion.

© Malin Gebken

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