Thorsten Hild’s Talk ‘Auf ein Lied…’

On 25.10.2011 Liedermacher and journalist Thorsten Hild presented another talk of the series ‘Auf ein Lied…’ in the BöseBubenBar Berlin.

In cosy candlelight atmosphere Hild discussed with his guest and former member of the German parliament Rolf Stöckel the past, present and future of the Socialdemocratic Party of Germany (SPD) and recited politically inspired songs. Since besides his political career Rolf Stöckel is the co-editor of the the socialdemocratic songbook the audience also enjoyed his mucial performance of vocals and guitar of old revolutionary songs dating back to the turn of the last century. (Hild 2011)

We were invited to submit questions to Rolf Stöckel and following the official program provided with songbooks to join in the singing which many of the SPD near audience members did with joy (Hild 2011).

However, there seemed to be a certain sense of chizophreny in the way these old tunes warmed the hearts of the political party members regarding their situation in life. We were sitting their -all well-fed, running up a considerable bill of drinks and food- and as far as I can guess most people earning good salaries respectively not directly affected by the life of Germany’s current ‘working class’. (Hild 2011)

While Hild’s compositions hold ironic notes on current political and social phenomena the socialdemocratic songs speak of fighting for just working situations, for the right of the man before the capital and of revolution. The politics of the SPD of the last few years, however, have consisted in dimishing the social system in favour of a capitalistically orientated society.

My consolation is that this beautiful song tradition will surely stimulate hearts and minds -conscious- or unconsciously- to rediscover the basis of their beliefs.

And in combination with smart debating formats like the one of Thorsten Hild these beliefs will hopefully increase to inform the actual political developments again.

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