Dance Communities

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 Every milieu has its specific code of conduct, its social habits. A dancer reveals a lot of herself while working and the mode of conversation amongst dancers seems regularly more open and personal than amongst bank employees, for instance.

Getting to know the ‘Hochschulzentrum für Tanz’ in Berlin as a new dance institution I get the feeling of being taken into a family. A family which takes good care of its members after having chosen them carefully. An educational forum with a holistic and loving and well thought-through approach to movement training, research and art.

It is important to know each other and the positive tone married with a reliable structure of work and break routine creates a spacious frame or platform to grow on. And a safe-place.

There is a kitchen at the Uferstudios – a round table so to speak- shared by students, lecturers, staff, guest companies a.s.o to meet, feed and celebrate.
There is international diversity amongst regular students and staff and through exchanging visits with related dance universities abroad.
And there is leeway in the HZT’s structure to design one’s own path.

The balance between intimacy and openness I experience in my new environment reminds me of the facility of a half circle -embracing and framing from one side and open and welcoming from the other. Which is why I started drawing with half circles and might continue to work with this form and content. HalbZirkelTribe

© Malin Gebken

About gesellschaftstanz

Dancer, herbalist and banker by training and a curious, creative and political human being.
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1 Response to Dance Communities

  1. Dear Malin,
    thank you for sharing. that is soooo cool that you have a blog about dance!
    i loved what you wrote about the HZT,
    i feel very much the same way: a big family which esembled from smaller groups and individuals.
    i feel lucky to be here, and meet the people. i keep reminding myself that in this big family i wish to find my own artistic voice.
    i am still looking for the way.
    didn’t read everything yet but it was definitley added to my “favorites bookmarks”…
    could be cool also to meet and talk about it.

    have a nice evening…


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